Public Engagement: Schools and Community Outreach

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is Africa’s first network of centres of excellence in mathematical sciences.

Students, tutors and staff at AIMS Tanzania all participate in a wide range of school and community outreach activities. Highlights include:

Tanzanian Maths Camps

AIMS Tanzania and its partner AMI organized the first Tanzanian Maths Camp in June 2016.  Students and international volunteers led a wide range of activities for 60 students and their teachers from nine schools from around Tanzania. The Camp was hosted by Bagamoyo Secondary School and will become a regular annual event.

Bagamoyo Schools

Students at AIMS Tanzania regularly undertake activities with students at schools in Bagamoyo. These include celebration of International Women’s Day [link to news story] and supporting the Ivy STEM Connect Group’s mentoring programme for girls at secondary schools in Africa.

Pi-Day in Tanzania

AIMS Tanzania participates in the annual Tanzanian celebration of Pi-Day (March 14th) , organized by the Mathematical Association of Tanzania.

Understanding Albinism

Students at AIMS Tanzania are participating in a public engagement programme led by Standing Voice [link to SV] with partners TaSUBa (the Bagamoyo College of African Arts and Culture) and Coventry University in the UK. This aims to use the arts to promote engagement with the science of albinism, including the underlying mathematics of chance. The project is funded by a Wellcome International Engagement Grant.

Bagamoyo Science Education Club

AIMS Tanzania is partnering with the Bagamoyo branch of the Ifakara Health Institute and TaSUBa (the Bagamoyo College of African Arts and Culture) to use the arts to engage the people of Bagamoyo with the science that is being pursued in their own town.  The project is funded by a Welcome International Engagement Grant.

Community Clean-Up

In Tanzania the morning of the last Saturday of every month is devoted to neighborhood cleaning activities. AIMS Tanzania contributes regularly to this in Bagamoyo, for example by participating in beach cleaning or maintaining the grounds of historic buildings.  




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“We are pleased to bring the  AIMS model to Tanzania. We bring together top global scholars in math and science to teach and research with Africa’s brightest students”. Our graduates then use these skills to tackle African development issues ranging from disease prevention to environmental degradation, education and poverty.

AIMS graduates have a broad-based training and are talented problem solvers and innovators, which is just what this continent needs.”

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