This may sound a lofty goal but AIMS Tanzania is facilitating a program to improve participation of women in STEM and in the ultimately male dominated science market. This is being done by mentoring girls in Bagamoyo secondary school in STEM. The mentors are AIMS Tanzania female students and students from Ivy League universities in the USA. The USA students come from universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia among others. The Ivy League forms what is known as UN IVY STEM Connect because it is also an initiative of United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI). Virtual tripartite workshops take place between Bagamoyo Secondary School girls, AIMS Tanzania female students and Students from the Ivy League. The workshops are geared towards motivating girls from Bagamoyo secondary and Tanzania as a country to participate in Mathematical sciences like their male counterparts.  AIMS Tanzania and Ivy League universities’ students act are their mentors. Twenty four girls from Bagamoyo secondary have so far been participating in this conference. It is normally held at AIMS Tanzania center due to availability of reliable internet connectivity which the school does not have.

Visit this LINK for more pictures – UN IVY STEM Connect.